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Daniel Ek – Fondateur de Spotify

Communiqué de presse sur spotify

Daniel Ek is a Swedish entrepreneur and a technologist. Ek is co-founder and CEO of the music streaming service Spotify and previous CEO of µTorrent, a popular BitTorrent client.[1]

He founded his first company in 1997 at the age of 14.[2] His ventures have also included the founding of Advertigo, the advertising company acquired by TradeDoubler, and has been a part of the Nordic auction company Tradera (acquired by Ebay) and Evertigo.[citation needed]

On 3 October 2013, Ek was inducted into SUP46’s Swedish Startup Hall of Fame.[3]


Main article: Spotify

In 2006, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, co-founder of TradeDoubler, set up Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden.[4] In October 2008, the company launched its legal music streaming service Spotify. Daniel Ek currently serves as a CEO of Spotify.[5]

As of 2012 he is ranked 395th on the British rich list with a calculated worth of £190m[6]

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Time Magazine Cover 2 octobre 2000

Shawn Fanning – Fondateur de Napster

Shawn Fanning (born November 22, 1980) is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and angel investor. He developed Napster, one of the first popular peer-to-peer (« P2P ») file sharing platforms, in 1999. The popularity of Napster was widespread and Fanning was featured on the cover of Time magazine.[2]

The site in its initial free P2P incarnation was shut down in 2001 after the company’s unsuccessful appeal of court orders arising from its encouraging the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. A paid subscription version of the site followed, and was purchased by Rhapsody on December 1, 2011. Following his involvement with Napster, he joined, and invested in, a number of early-stage technology startup companies.


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Sean Parker

  • Forbes#89

  • Net Worth As of 8/30/16 – $2.4 Billion

Il a créé avec le précédent jeune homme NAPSTER

Born December 3, 1979 (age 36)
Herndon, Virginia, U.S.
Education Oakton High School
Chantilly High School
Occupation Entrepreneur, investor
Known for Managing Partner at The Founders Fund
Co-founder of Plaxo, Napster, Airtime, and Causes
President of Facebook
Chairman of the Parker Foundation
Net worth Decrease US$2.4 billion (August 2016)
Board member of Spotify


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