SOCAN and its election FAQ

The vote for the election of a new SOCAN board of directors is underway. Let’s talk about SOCAN!

What is SOCAN?

SOCAN is the Canadian society of songwriters, composers and music publishers. (For our non-Canadian readers, SOCAN plays the same role as SUISA in Switzerland, SACEM in France, SABAM in Belgium, ASCAP or BMI in the USA, among others.)

What rights does SOCAN administer?

SOCAN primarily administers public performance rights but also, since SODRAC‘s acquisition, mechanical (reproduction) rights. Without getting lost in too many details, it can be said that any « music or song rights » * generated by the distribution or performing of music over the air, online or on stage can be administered by SOCAN.

All companies in all countries of the world collaborate with each other, regardless of the nationality of the rights holders of the work.

Not only does SOCAN collect the rights generated by the works of creators and redistribute them to rights holders, it also defends the interests of its members against claims (mostly pay less) from radio, television, streaming platforms, concert promoters, etc.

SOCAN is an organization whose goal is to protect, preserve and promote the rights and works of its members.

Who owns SOCAN?

SOCAN is owned by its members. It is a collective rights management society. This means that all SOCAN members are partners and owners of their company.

Who sits on SOCAN’s board of directors?

SOCAN’s board of directors is made up of 18 members elected by the community. To dig deeper, visit the SOCAN Elections website.

Who can vote?

SOCAN members who received rights in 2020 can vote.

I am a SOCAN member, I received rights in 2020, when can I vote?

Right now and until April 30, the vote is open.

Where can I vote?

You must log into your account on the SOCAN portal. You will be redirected to the voting pages and the lists of candidate authors, composers and publishers.

Who do I vote for?

Vote for the candidate who you think has the right stuff to be a good Board Director.

In my opinion, a good Board Director is a person who dares and does not lack courage when it is necessary to have it. This is the first of human qualities. We may be honest or capable, understand or want, without courage, we will not make the difference. Crises, confusion, times of great change, well sold bad plans or poorly accompanied good ideas can cripple or even ruin a business.

The next Board of Directors will have a lot on its plate, I can assure you!

Why do I have to vote?

You have to vote because you own the business. SOCAN is yours! Paying attention to what’s going on at SOCAN is minding your own business.

SOCAN needs you. In the next 2 months, you can do 3 things:

1 – Read carefully the 2019 annual report, and not just the first two or three pages. The state of health of the company is described in broad outline if you look for it.

2 – Actively participate in the next General Assembly in mid-June. It will be online again this year, so anyone with a connection will be able to attend. You will be able to ask questions.

3 – Vote objectively to elect a board of directors up to the challenge caused by a changing SOCAN in a changing industry.

Diane Tell – Member of the SOCAN Board since June 2018 and candidate for a new term.

Note * The neighboring rights generated by the exploitation of recordings of works are not administered by SOCAN. SOCAN administers the rights to the work (lyrics and music), not to its fixation (the masters).


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